Brazilian Sugar & Rice Supplier

Exoti Cresto has been established in Manila Philippines. We specialise in the sales of sugar and rice from Brazil, with some rice and sugar from Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan. Being located in Asia over a long period Exoti Cresto has built long standing relationships with the top sugar and rice suppliers in Asia and the neighbouring regions.

We pride ourselves on understanding the markets and offering real commodities at real prices to customer’s specific requirements.

We supply sugar in containers from Thailand and Brazil and sugar in break bulk from Brazil.

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For Immediate quotations for any of our commodities please contact us at and we will reply immediately.

Alternatively please visit the contact us page for more contact details.

Please include Quantity, Grade and Destination with all enquiries

8 thoughts on “Brazilian Sugar & Rice Supplier

  1. Hello i need icumsa 45 from brazil, please advise us with your best prices and delivery for the following (
    12,500 mt ) per month x 4 shipment – total 100,000 mt of ICUMSA 45 fine sugar prices will be C & F UMM QASAR – IRAQ

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